Monday, January 4, 2016

Las Posadas in Price Hill

The first big event I helped plan in my new position at Price Hill Will as Director of Creative Placemaking and Community Arts Initiatives was a Posada. It was based off of the traditional Mexican Christmas celebration called Las Posadas. The event featured homemade Mexican food, a performance by MYCincinnati, Salsa music by a live band, and lots and lots of piñatas. Groups from all around Price Hill got together throughout the month of December to make and decorate piñatas. Here are a few photos from some of our piñata-making parties:

Here are photos of all the piñatas hanging from the ceiling of the Firehouse, where the event was held: 

As you can see, it was a packed house! Throughout the event, everyone voted for their favorite piñata, and prizes were given out. Here are just a few of the spectacular piñatas made by community members:

Near the end of the event, after a lot of eating and dancing, we broke open the piñatas – here are some photos: Zhiarah helping her little brother hit one of the piñatas, sharing candy, and an action shot.

Next year I hope we can expand this event to include an educational component about the tradition of Las Posadas, and an even more competitive edge to the piñata competition. There will also be more community involvement in the planning, and a committee will start planning next year's event in September. My favorite part of our first Posada was working with community members to make and decorate the piñatas - a reminder that everyone is an artist!

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